The Wunderbar Turtle project
Behaviour of Marine Turtles
Nesting Behaviour
Hatchlings Behaviour
Threats To Marine Turtles


It is with most urgency and need that the Wunderbar beach club decided to protect the sea turtle population. Every year the turtles are losing their nesting places due to human activities and turtle eggs harvesting. Our main objective is to save sea turtles before they hatch. The main part of our project is hatching the turtles by our incubators and release them to the ocean carefully once they are ready.

Sri Lanka is home to five species of turtle – the leatherback, the olive ridley, the loggerhead, the hawksbill and the green – and all five are endangered. This project is in Bentota, on the South West Coast, has been set up to help, monitor and conserve these endangered species. Its' purpose is to monitor and conserve the turtles in the Bentota area.

We buy eggs from egg collectors and rebury them in a protected area. There, the eggs incubate and hatch and then baby hatchlings emerge. Then, these hatchlings are collected and kept in tanks for few days and finally released.

Most are released as soon as possible at night (hatchlings should never been released during daytime) but some are kept back for a short period for 'headstarting' till they are stronger.
In addition to this a large number of turtles which were sick or injured by fishing nets were treated and cured and released to the ocean.

Apart from this, different varieties of sea turtles are kept in the tanks as exhibits. We feed them by giving sea foods and they were also released to the ocean after 2-3 years. From this, people can get a knowledge about the Turtles and the value of saving the Turtles.
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